"Hey Meera, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the reiki healing on Wednesday. I feel so much better and like I've really been able to let go of a lot of what's been weighing me down. I had a great weekend and found myself in a few stressful situations which usually would have had my anxiety levels sky-rocketing. But I felt pretty relaxed and able to deal with them and follow my intuition to work out what to do. All of a sudden everything seems easy and possible, which is so great! It was obviously perfect timing as I've been dredging so much stuff up that it was brilliant you could help me clear it away. Thank you again!" Eilidh

"Thank you so much Meera for such a beautiful massage. Very deep and I could feel the energy flowing through my body like a bolt of lightening from head to toe. Feel so refreshed and see you very soon!" Majhid

"I did not know what to expect, as this was my first ever experience of reiki. I loved it. Amy made me feel completely at ease and I was surprised how effortlessly I found myself in a state of deep relaxation. It somewhat resembled the place I have visited a couple of times when practicing yoga nidra, but was far more healing and restful. As a doctor of psychology and a yoga therapist in training I couldn't help but think of the effects of dopamine release and changes in the frequency of brain waves found following the practice of yoga nidra. Perhaps it isn't such a far fetched idea that reiki might become a treatment prescribed by a GP one day..." Patrycia

"I went to visit Amy for some Reiki healing, all in all it was a really great experience for me, Amy made me feel at ease and I felt an immediate overall sense of peace and tranquility throughout the whole session, she worked on my chakras and pointed out areas that needed work which really made sense and resonated with me. I came away from the healing session with a document from Amy that points out all of the areas that we covered which serve as a good reminder of where further work is needed. I got a lot out of the visit and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their inner self."  Dave

"I have seen Amy for  reiki session and a breathing and tantric massage session- which was both relaxing and revitalising at the same time.  I learnt about the flow of energies connected to the breathing exercises, which was enlightening. All in all a wonderful experience and I felt very comfortable and in safe professional hands." Paul


"I met Amy in India, after she had completed her Reiki level two. Amy made feel relaxed and safe in her treatment space. The session was more intense than I anticipated and I felt a lot of energy moving in me. Amy is incredibly intuitive and would move to areas of my body that needed attention without me asking. Amy is so focused when giving a healing and I felt so appreciative of the care and attention she gave me. I felt relaxed and yet full of energy after my first session. And now that Amy's a reiki master I can tell you it only gets better. I was so relaxed in the second session I felt like my consciousness went somewhere else while deep energy work was being done. Amy also gave me some intuitive advice about my diet and other messages filled with wisdom that I truly believe she receives from a higher consciousness. I would highly recommend everyone try a session with Amy. She's amazing."  Donna


"My reiki experience with Amy was something that came just at the right time. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was apprehensive about becoming a mother, the changes it would bring to my life, and a fear of the unknown. Amy was very calming and made me feel at ease. During the session I relaxed and drifted in and out of sleep. I had moments where I felt a tingling sensation flowing down from my forehead to the end of my nose. But it wasn't until the evening, a few hours later that I felt the real results. Talking to Amy after the session I felt very raw and emotional. But the peace and the reassurance I took from what Amy saw and how I felt after the treatment has made me trust myself. I have since been much calmer and felt more full and content in my pregnancy, which will naturally affect the birth and the child growing in me. It feels good!"  Leen