Tantric Massage

60,90,120 mins


This massage seeks to awaken sexual energy in order to evoke a higher state of consciousness. Using a variety of sensual touch techniques and massage the energy is stimulated and awakened and spread out over the body. The energy clears blockages, releases trapped emotions and physical pain and has the potential to create a state of ecstasy. This is a full body massage for men or women who seek to connect with their sexual energy for healing in a space of love, compassion and openess.  Boundaries and intentions  are set at the beginning of the session.  Please call me for more information.

Learn Yoni/Lingam Massage


The massage of the yoni or lingam is a beautiful art to learn and give to your lover. It had the capacity to be deeply healing and fantastically pleasurable. I will guide through meditation, conscious touch, breathwork and massage techniques to enable you to practice this wonderful gift. The session is for couples who wish to come and learn how to give and receive to each other. The session includes body massage as well as yoni/lingam massage held in a sacred space of love and acceptance. It is helpful to already have had some experience of tantra practices but not essential, please do not hesitate to call for more information.

Connecting to Intimacy


(longer sessions available on request after consulation.)

This is for individuals who have difficulties with intimacy and connection. Using tantra meditations, breath work, conscious touch and energy healing we work together to open up and connect to one another in an intimate way. The session is adapted specifically for you and your needs, so please call for a telephone consultation if this is something you are interested in and we can discuss what practices you would most benefit from.