Reiki energy Healing and Guidance

90 mins-


This is a powerful and deep healing session using the hands with light touch to channel energy into and out of the body. As a channel for universal energy I am able to harmonise your energy flow, which brings about a release of trapped emotions and physical pain, relieves stress and anxiety and helps you to live a fuller, freer and more present life. The hands on healing is followed by discussion and guidance to further aid the healing process and I give recommendations for holistic after-care and home practice. I am a certified Reiki Master from the Usui Lineage, therefore I am a reiki healing channel as well as being a channel for spirit communication and tantric healing.  The healing comes from a place of love and openness where all is welcome.


Tantric Massage

60, 90 or 120 mins



This massage seeks to awaken sexual energy in order to evoke a higher state of consciousness. Using a variety of sensual touch techniques and massage the energy is stimulated and awakened and spread out over the body. The energy clears blockages, releases trapped emotions and physical pain and has the potential to create a state of ecstasy. This is a full body massage for men or women who seek to connect with their sexual energy for healing in a space of love, compassion and openess.  Boundaries and intentions  are set at the beginning of the session. I offer Yoni or Lingam massage as part of a longer tantric massage session, which are deeply healing massages of the genital area. Please call me for more information.


Energy Healing Massage.

60 mins


This is a back, shoulder, neck and head massage which focuses on harmonising energy and releasing blockages in the seven chakras or energy centers.


Yoni/ Lingam Honouring Ceremony

120 mins

These beautiful healing ceremonies seek to honour both the physical and energetic aspects of either the female (Yoni) or male (Lingam) genitals. The ceremony is a chance to connect deeply with the energy of your yoni or lingam and heal old wounds, remove barriers for pleasure, and release blockages and conditioning in this area. A sacred and held space is created for you to be honoured. The ceremony includes touch and discussion, witnessing and sacred honouring. These ceremonies come from the heart with love and compassion.

Tarot Healing

45 mins



This session uses the tarot cards for guidance and clarity. Using a spread of tarot cards to indicate where you are in your life, your past and possible future, together we work to answer questions, bring clarity to problems and receive guidance for future actions.


Sacred Feminine Circles and other Workshops/Ceremonies


Women have been gathering in circles for thousands of years to share, to laugh, to cry, to dance and to collectively heal ourselves. We will gather together to carry on this tradition in order to reclaim, reignite, rediscover, remember and most of CELEBRATE our CUNT POWER!! 

I also hold space for a number of different workshop and healing ceremonies focusing on areas such as chakra healing, heart-opening, dance, gender and sexuality, yoni healing, orgasm, sacred Cacao ceremonies and more. Please contact me for more information on upcoming events.