My offerings as a healer come from the experiences and training of my own healing journey.

I suffered for 12 years with chronic back pain after a number of accidents in my late teens and early twenties and tried every type of physiotherapy, osteopathy and massage available. Having pretty much given in to living and managing the pain, I went through a time of depression and anxiety after a relationship break-up and the end of a ten year stretch of "living my life to the full" that had become suddenly very empty. I was led to India where I went deeply into yoga, meditation, energy healing and Reiki, tantra and spirituality. Over this time I sought to heal myself, my physical pain, my depression and find a deeper meaning for my life. The deep practice and training I engaged in and continue to engage in healed my back problem, cured addictions, grounded me and lifted me higher than ever before, harmonised my energies and unblocked my chakras (energy centers)  and has given me a deep connection to who I am. My own experience of this healing is so profound and beautiful, and continues to become more orgasmically wonderful as I open more and more to love and compassion, that I know that it is a gift that needs to be shared. I knew that I couldn't heal others unless I had really spent devoted time healing myself, which I have been lucky enough to do and continue to do, however I got to a point where I felt ready and guided to share this healing gift to facilitate others on their healing journey.

I have always been very much in touch with my sexual energy having worked in different parts of the sex industry for over 10 years and through engaging with tantra I am able to use and utilise this energy to reach states of ecstasy and freedom like I have never before experienced. I have used sexual energy as a healing method so that I have become an open channel for sexual energy to rise up through the chakras and create full body bliss states. This embodiment of sexual energy I open to you in our sessions to help activate and awaken your own sexual energy. 

My healing work comes from a place of love, an open heart and a want to deeply connect with you and facilitate your healing in a way that nourishes your deepest needs. I am always happy to answer questions on the phone or in person if you are unsure of what you want or need. I provide safe, held and comfortable spaces for you to relax, let go and open up to healing.

Here is some information to introduce energy healing to those new to it...

Why do we rub ourselves when we feel pain?

Why do we need a hug when we are sad?

Why when we are happy do we say we are full of energy?

Or that we are low on energy when we are sad and depressed?

We know that touch is healing and we know that how much energy and the quality of the energy we have changes how we feel and act. 

Energy healing is a therapy that uses the hands to channel energy into and out of the receiver and highlights the nature of the energy in the different parts of the body. Blockages can be harmonised, old emotions let go of, pain reduced or released completely, illness avoided or reduced and a new relaxed harmony can enter your life. As part of any session I offer guidance for healing tools you can use yourself to continue the healing process.

The treatment is beneficial for mind, body and soul. It can help to...

·         Effectively support treatment for long-term/life threatening illnesses

·         Enable you to let go of the past and live in the present.

·         Harmonise and unblock energy.

·         Relieves physical/emotional pain.

·         Help you give up addictions and addictive/negative behaviour cycles.

·         Help you to find clarity and insight on problems and in decision making.

·         Helps in pregnancy to optimise energy flow.

·         Relieve anxiety, stress and tension.