I feel immense gratitude to be able to share the gift of healing. 

I always felt passionately that my life should make a positive impact on the world and spent many years working as an socially engaged/community/performance artist, teacher, activist, sex worker, workshop facilitator  and in child care.  However it wasn't until I fully committed myself to my own healing journey that I could fully open up to share healing with others and realise this as my life's purpose. 

I suffered for 12 years with chronic back pain after a number of accidents in my late teens and early twenties and tried every type of physiotherapy, osteopathy and massage available. Having pretty much given in to living and managing the pain, I went through a time of depression and anxiety after a relationship break-up and the end of a ten year stretch of "living my life to the full" that had become suddenly very empty. I was led to India where I went deeply into yoga, meditation, energy healing and Reiki, tantra and spirituality. Over this time I sought to heal myself, my physical pain, my depression and find a deeper meaning for my life. The deep practice and training I engaged in and continue to engage in healed my back problem, cured addictions, grounded me and lifted me higher than ever before, harmonised my energies and unblocked my chakras (energy centers)  and has given me a deep connection to who I am. My own experience of this healing is so profound and beautiful, and continues to become more orgasmically wonderful as I open more and more to love and compassion.

As I continue to journey deeper into love and acceptance my healing gifts continue to grow and deepen with me. I am an Osho Sannyasin and have spent time in Osho communities and meditation camps immersing myself in his teachings and opening my heart to his embodiment of universal love. 

I am deeply connected to shamanism and tantra and continue my own practice and learning in these areas in addition to the training I have already completed as a Reiki Master, Energy Healer, in tantric massage and tarot reading.

I am so happy to be alive in this body, in this moment, my only hope is to share my experiences, learning and love with others to create a more harmonious and love filled earth.